Thursday, 25 April 2013

Workshopidea - Craig Hughes Anglesey

2 Day course: how to use Facebook for community groups and organisations
·         How to create a basic Facebook page
·         How to customise a Facebook Page
·         How to add friends and promote the Facebook page
·         Facebook Security – the pitfalls and common errors
Resources required:
·         PC’s with Internet access for each participant
·         Paper-based notes to accompany the sessions
·         YouTube video account
·         YouTube video clips for each session topic – to be used by students and other users
·         Attendees will be able to create a Facebook page from new
·         Attendees will be able to update/edit/add images and video clips to their Facebook pages in order to promote their individual groups/organisations
·         Attendees will be confident at setting security settings for their pages
The sessions will use Facebook, screen-grabs, and video clips in order to take the members through the process on a step by step basis.

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