Thursday, 25 April 2013

Alex's Workshop Idea

My workshop idea is to design an intergenerational workshop called:
'Take your parent/grandparent to school day'.

The workshop will have two parts:

  • First part will involve a workshop with the junior class, teaching them how to use a PC. Many of the pupils will already know this, but it will reiterate what pupils already know and bring them all to the same level.
  • Second part will involve the pupils inviting their parents/grandparents to school, where the pupils will then teach the adults how to use the computer. They will effectively be delivering a 'First Click' style training to them.
This could also be extended to specific workshops using specific applications, eg. Paint, Wordsearch creators, video editing, etc.

Target audience - although much of the work is carried out by the pupils, the target audience will actually be the parents/grandparents. They will feel obliged to take part as it is a 'school project'. :p

Duration - 2 half day sessions.

Kit - one computer per child/parent.

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