This Digital Practitioner, Digital Leader is being delivered by Sangeet Bhullar (Digital and People/ WISE KIDS) for the Communities 2.0 project. This 5 day face-to-face training programme (in the format of 3 days + 2 days with ongoing support) covers New Internet Technologies (their use in professional development of staff, the development of resources, and understanding and engaging with volunteers and clients) as well as Digital and Internet Safety for professionals.

As a result of this attendees will be able to:
  • Use new media and new Internet technologies effectively to engage with staff, volunteers and their target groups in the community
  • Understand and use new (and social) media and new Internet technologies effectively in their own professional development and 
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to use these technologies to create their own up-to-date resources, using the Internet and social media effectively. 
  • Increase volunteer as well as staff knowledge (within their own organisations) of how to protect their privacy and identities online and when using Internet/digital devices 
  • Provide workshop sessions and guidance to others on innovative and effective Internet use; Digital and Internet safety.