Thursday, 25 April 2013

Possible Workshop - Choosing your Audience of your Profile Page on Facebook

My target audience for this would be a small group of 'extra care residents'. The duration of the session would be up to 2 hours as it would involve not just group discussion but one-to-one help guiding them through the process. The session could be followed up briefly at later sessions with further help. The equipment needed for the session would be: . Access to the internet. . one or more of the following per person - pc, laptop, ipad, mob phone . Facebook account and profile. I will let the residents know the week before hand that we will be learning how to limit their Facebook audience on their account, and ask them to bring along their normal and preferred equipment for accessing the internet. I will initially ensure that all those wishing to be a member of Facebook have an account/profile and know their passwords. Most of the residents have access to Facebook and have a profile already, which they or a member of their family has set up for them, but they are still learning security and settings, and want to restrict their accounts to family and friends only, as some have been getting requests for friendship from people they dont know, which confuses them and makes them feel uncomfortable using Facebook. I will show them how to go into their privacy/security settings, explain the edit button, and then explain the differences of having their account open to the public to view, open to friends only, open to family only or even if they wish open to themselves only. This would restrict contact from strangers and limit the amount of newsfeed and make their account more manageable.

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