Thursday, 25 April 2013

'Closed Group' for Residents of an Extra Care Residency

My project is to enable residents of an extra care home to use a 'closed group' so that they can 'meet' and communicate as friends online in a private environment to themselves. This would help them if for any reason they would not wish to join them in their community lounge area of their accommodation. eg if they were feeling under the weather. It would mean that they would not feel 'cut-off' in their private accommodation and would still feel part of the group. So far I have been helping them understand the advantages and disadvantages of a 'closed group' on facebook and also facebook as a whole. Explaining to them safety procedures, helping them upload profile photographs of themselves. I have also chatted with one of the residents to ask if she would like to act as 'admin' for the group, which would help limit the members to residents only.

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