Thursday, 25 April 2013

Alex's multimedia project


My first project was creating a blog for the Denbighshire project - DDD (Digital Denbighshire Digidol). This blog is primarily for promoting the project publicly, and is also for gaining feedback from former beneficiaries. We have been tweeting about the blog and using it as a tool for keeping people informed about course dates and venues, and what kind of courses we can provide. It is working as we have 470 views in a few weeks....
This is the blog -

My second project was to create a facebook group for beneficiaries. This group is by invitation only and beneficiaries will learn how to use facebook as part of their training, and then join the group. The purpose of the group is as a self help page - so they can post problems they are having with their PC's or certain software, and then other group members can reply solutions. It encourages people to interact socially with beneficiaries from other sessions across the county, reinforces their learning, and provides a wealth of knowledge and diversity across the group.... we haven't run a facebook session yet but when we do their will obviously be people in the group asking questions and things.....
This is the facebook help page -

The final project was a resource for a session. The idea behind it is to get people using computers by tapping into what their interests are. Some people would like to learn a musical instrument but may not have the money for lessons. I learnt how to play guitar using the internet but found I had to flick between several resources to find the best info, so i have created this site to collate this info and embed videos, etc, to avoid having to seek info from elsewhere. It is a working progress but this is it below.....
This is the learn2play website -

AND if you have any poorly teddy bears that need fixing - dont put them in the bin, ending their lives, and increasing landfill - send them to me and i will fix them and forward them to one of our supporting charities - Joshua's Boxes, Lisa's Stars, and many local charity shops, so that they can be loved again by another child. :)


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