Monday, 15 July 2013

iMotion - even the slower ones can do it!

Did this at lunchtime today, my tip for anyone trying to do this is to download the remote onto your iphone too, what a huge difference it makes.

Do i work in a dangerous office or what?

Kevin Roberts

Thursday, 4 July 2013

internet gaps from Kent

The Gaps

Day 6 internet gaps

Day 6 Internet gaps


Social Media Acceptable Policies for Adults - Mind Map

Day 6 Internet Gaps

Kevin Roberts day 6 gaps in Internet Security

'Get Online Wrexham Flintshire' Acceptable Internet Use

Possible issues

Different organisations in the collaboration with different policies

Wrexham County Borough Council
Flintshire Local Voluntary Council
Flintshire County Council
Association of Voluntary Organisations Wrexham

Staff employed by different organisations with different policies

Steve - WCBC
Kevin - Communities 2.0/Wales Cooperative Centre
Mel and Pete - FLVC

Volunteers employed by none but expenses through FLVC

Identified risks
                         DAMAGE TO DIGITAL INCLUSION.

Accepted guidelines - safeguarding adults, social media safety policies, CEOP, Internet Watch Foundation,


There are policies in place for volunteers and signed by partners as part of the overall initiative contract, these should be signed by all volunteers. This should be preceded by specific sessions stating what is required of volunteers in terms of safe and appropriate useage.

A specific part of delivery to groups in taster sessions must focus on security. Volunteers and staff must be aware of Communities 2.0 policies as they use equipment from the project.

Project Manager must examine the Policies employed by partners and hence staff working on the initiative.

Day 6 Internet Gaps

Internet Gaps

Craig Hughes - Day 6 Internet Gaps

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Introduction to Facebook

Steve Robinson assists a student during a recent "Introduction to Facebook" session delivered in Wrexham 'Introduction to Facebook' is a short course delivered by Get Online Wrexham Flintshire' designed to promote social networking by highlighting some of the ways Social Media can keep in touch with friends and family without leaving the comfort of their own home. It shows users how to create an account, how to use the wall/timeline and find and add friends, Privacy is also covered and the importance of staying safe whilst using Facebook. This particular course was delivered to a few people who had expressed an interest in learning how to use Facebook and the feedback received was positive and the course is now ready to be delivered more widely. Anyone interested should phone Steve on 01978 722988

Useful Screencast Tool

Below is a link to ezvid, a brilliant tool I found for recording screencasts and uploading them to YouTube, its completely free and I found it really useful when producing the video resources,

Simon Jones

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Chris Dodd's Insights and Learning

Kent Brammall evaluation

Monday, 1 July 2013

Kevin Roberts delivers an 'Introduction to Animoto' session at Wrexham County Borough Council

'Introduction to Animoto' is a short course delivered by Get Online Wrexham Flintshire' designed to promote ICT by highlighting some of the ways Social Media can engage people in the Community. Animoto is a free to use programme for either computers, tablets or even smart-phones and enables even the beginner to use digital photography or video in an interesting manner.

This particular course was delivered to professionals working with families in Wrexham county and the feedback received was excellent including....

"A great way to enthuse people, very interesting course and presentation" S.E.

These courses will be added onto taster sessions or delivered on their own and anyone interested should phone Kevin on 01352 744037