Thursday, 25 April 2013

Internet safety workshop: You are what you tweet

A workshop for people who utilse social media to reach their audiance, e.g elected council members, charities, voluntary organisations, public bodies.

It will address branding and online identity, net-etiquite and laws surrounding online content, e.g. tweets, posts.

The workshop will be a combination of 'chalk and talk' - presentations, media footage - and group work to explore any preconceptions and misconceptions of social networking - advantages, disadvantages, moderation - and to examine some case studies surrounding relevant media laws.

This workshop can be delivered with limited resources - a suitable venue, PC with internet connection, flip charts/paper and pens for group work, and a projector.  Preparatory research is needed to source appropraite case studies.

Benificaries should leave the workshop feeling more confident about their online presence and with a better understanding of their rights and limitiations.

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