Thursday, 25 April 2013

Workshop Idea - Chris Ablett

I will work with young people in a creative manner to produce something using multi-media and the internet. Target Audience: Young people 14-25 Duration: It would range from 1session to several depending on the young people Theme: Promoting creative uses of multi-media Kit: Cameras (Phones), video editing softmare, animation apps etc! Outcomes: Young people will have different options to be creative using multi media and the internet. How will I do this? Session plan: Introduction - 'Back to basis'. What is the internet? What do you use it for? Showcase: Show a variety of options of how to be creative using technology and the internet. DVD (Volunteering DVD) Animation Digital Stories Ideas: Come up with the subject matter The method you are going to use (Eg. digital story) Creating - Begin creating the final piece!

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