Thursday, 28 February 2013

Session from Mel

Session outline:
One of the main motivators for getting online is the prospect of saving money. This session will show users how the internet can help them to make their money go further.  It will focus on:
Price comparison sites (e.g. mysupermarket, pricerunner, moneysaving expert)
Free / cut price communication using Skype, Whatsapp and Viber
A summary of other savings, with input from learners - e.g. buying secondhand goods (from ebay for example), complete transactions on line to save time and money in travel costs, consulting meal planner sites

Learning outcomes:
Learners would leave the session with:
A list of price comparison sites and a clear idea of how to use them
How to reduce their telephone bills by accessing sites and utilising apps

Group sessions. A mixture of 'chalk and talk' and practical hand-on application.

PC and tablets
Learners' own smartphones (if available)
Internet connectivity
AV Projector / flip chart

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