Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Introducing Jane

My name is Jane.  I live in Flintshire and have just started volunteering for Take Ctrl.  The aim of the group I am working with is to help them understand and gain access to the internet.  Helping them use the internet to their advantage and hopefully improve their lives by using it.

I have previously carried out voluntary work as Secretary to a Residents Association.  Setting up the Association to mainly campaign for our local childrens play park.  The small street I live on is sandwiched between rail track, River Dee and a main road.  The park was already there but badly needed a makeover to give the children somewhere safe to play.

We set up the Association February 2011 and the new park was fitted St David's Day 2012!  During this time I acted as coordinator for the park refurbishment.  We started off getting donations and volunteers to give the park a 'lick of paint', but once funding was secured I then consulted the residents and children on a number of occasions to make sure the new park was exactly what the children and parents wanted and designed to their needs.  The children named the park 'Rainbows End' and one of the little girls designed and drew the Play Park Sign.

So what started off with me thinking I can paint the fence and a hopscotch and a zebra crossing on the 'almost empty' park floor turned into practically a full-time job and a brand new park!  But its great to see the children knocking on each others doors to go off to the park to play.

I am hoping that my work with Take Ctrl at Prestatyn will be as successful, giving the residents we are working with a social experience on the internet, and the company of their friends at their 'finger tips'.

Hope you like my photos:

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