Thursday, 28 February 2013

Session from Kevin

Introduction to Mobile Technology

Delivery of this session requires the following..

a minimum of two staff/volunteer mix
wireless connection prefererable or at least 3G connectivity


Informal sessions in community locations that would consist of presentation demonstration and trial to promote the features and benefits of mobile technology.  This is the sort of technology that many of our clients will tend to use on a daily basis or would choose to purchase given the necessary means so its important that, as well as training people how to use computers to get online, that the modern technology is explained to take away the fear factor.

Outline of Session

The sessions will involve a presentation that needs to be visual and interesting with features built in to reach the particular audience. If it is a group of older people, lessons in how to access online gaming via IPAP is not necessarily appropriate for example.

The presentation will cover a myriad of modern mobile technology such as IPADS/Samsungs and Kindles but importantly will show people WHY they might want to take advantage.  Built into the presentation should also be a buyers guide and signposting to relavent resource centres.

The next part will involve hands-on so that people can use the technology and see the benefits for themselves. This would involve using SKYPE or FACEBOOK and other applications.

The final part would be a rejoinder at which individual feedback is sought and information given on other similar courses that might be of interest.  Learners will need a route back to the project for any subsequent questions that may arise out of the group setting.

Learning Outcomes

The attendees should leave the session with

  • A basic knowledge of the mobile technology on the market
  • How it can benefit their lives
  • Where to purchase and buying tips
  • A means to follow up the session

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