Thursday, 28 February 2013

Session from Lon

Session Outline: 
A session on how to add digital images or short videos from a digital camera to your computer and attach them to e-mails and uploading on to sharing sites.

Learning Outcome: 
Learners would leave the session being able to send their own images on to anyone they wished to via E-mail, and possibly an idea of how to view images and/or videos from friends and family using photo/video websites. 

This session would be a hands-on session, with all attendees asked to bring their own digital camera if possible - as this would give them personal training on the equipment they use at home.

Attendees preferably should be able to send e-mails and have a personal e-mail before this session, but if not, it would be covered in short at the beginning.

I would provide them with a practical session, introducing different photo/video sharing sites online and explain the differences.

Laptop or PC per attendee
Digital camera and/or flip camera per attendee and one for tutor
Internet access for each laptop/PC

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