Thursday, 28 February 2013

Session from Donna

My role will be to deliver First Click to users.

I will need the circuit rider to have checked the venue can host laptops and the Internet connection is up and running. Technical support will also need to ensure there are sufficient laptops and digital inclusion officer has the up to date list of people of attending the course. In addition to technical equipment, I need pens and paper and a white board or flip chart. It's also important to have inadvance notice of any person attending who has special needs.

Running the Session
All learners need to be made to feel welcome so introductions are important. Keeping the session light and relaxed at this stage is key giving people space to settle in. The opening session should include getting some idea of what people need to learn, where to pitch the course. This can be done verbally or if people prefer they can complete a questionnaire. For learners doing the basic course key skills would include the following. They can be shown how to switch the computer on and off and how to use the mouse. Other exercises include showing people how to set up and email account and log onto the social media sites. If leaners feel they want to tackle more advanced tasks, they can work with the materials, web to work.
Returning to Complete Follow up Sessions and other Courses
The first click course runs over 2 sessions. If someone has completed the course in the 1st session they can introduced to futher learning with the web for work course and to be invited to attend the public information events. In due course it would be good for people to return to attend further training on a whole range of other digital inclusion topics, should they choose to do so.

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