Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First Task (Task 1) - 27 March 2013 - Face Book Closed Group

My project is to get a group of keen residents of an ‘extra care’ residency in Prestatyn, where I am volunteering at the moment, onto Facebook and to create a ‘Closed Group’ page for their sole use.

My idea is that they could use their ‘closed group’ page as a meeting area for chat, sharing of photos/links, and to discuss their hobbies and interests.  With the residents being of ‘extra care’ they sometimes perhaps don’t feel like coming down to the public lounge area, this page would mean they could keep in touch with their friends and up to date with any news without it being on full view on facebook.

I will be creating a Blog and posting information on how a ‘Closed Group’ is beneficial and the safety of using social network sites, this information will be aimed at the residents, but you may also find it of benefit.

(hopefully I have done this right, fingers crossed) 

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  1. Nice idea Jane, and as discussed with Alex too, take a look at the links on our Google site:

    which look at the differences between Google Pages, Groups and Profiles - this will be useful background reading for you before you create a group.