Friday, 1 March 2013

Lesson Plan from Jane



For this you would need access to the internet, and a p.c.

You would need to have a Facebook user account.

A closed group on Facebook is a ‘community’ for a specialised subject or group of people who want to discuss subjects without interaction from people outside of their group. A place where you can chat and discuss things without it appearing on your personal feed. Unless your family and friends are members of this group they would not be able to view, contribute to the group page and also they are not able to see your comments. In other words it is private to ‘group members’ only.

The ‘closed group’ has admin who have to approve anyone wanting to join the group. This restricts the group members to those interested in the subject of the group and limits interaction from those just wishing to cause a distraction.

Any number of topics can be discussed in the group at one time.  People can post any number of times on any subject.
Photographs, videos, and also links to these can be posted for members to view.

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