Wednesday, 6 March 2013

[From Melanie Salisbury] iPad vs bingo

Melanie Salisbury found this blog post on ivo and thought you should see it.


iPad vs bingo
By: Melsals

And the winner is... Bingo! At least for the majority of service users at the
older peoples residential care setting we visited today.

Our presentation was reasonably well received given that it was slotted
between two rounds of bingo and residents were poised to dobb their way to a
box of Maltesers. Unfortunately, when it came to the hands on segment, 'eyes
down' trumped iPad for all but one resident, Eddie. On a brighter note,
technology came a very, very close second to tradition for a handful of the
audience, so we're confident we'll be asked to return in the near future.

We spent over an hour going through Eddie's wishlist, which included indulging
his love of classical music via YouTube, trialling Skype and being reassured
by Pricerunner that he hadn't paid over the odds for a recent purchase. We
left feeling rather smug and satisfied!

The morals to this story? One: if familiarity is king, competition could be
futile. Two: whether one by one, or group by group, it's equally rewarding to
achieve digital inclusion. Three: persistence and determination do pay off.

Here ends the sermon.

Mel guides Eddie through his wish list at Llys Gwenffrwd in Holywell

Published: 6th March at 22:22

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  1. Fantastic stuff Mel - thanks for sharing!

  2. one's better than none, I was helping a group on Tuesday and took my laptop rest in for them to try, so then they had me online looking for best price, we found it was cheaper at pc world than amazon and also about £6 cheaper to order online and have it delivered free than to get in the car drive from Prestatyn to nearest shop Rhyl and go in and buy it! So not only cheaper but saved time and effort, and when you think that the majority of the group had mobility issues thats a bonus!